Beautiful web design – Love for plants

Beautiful web design – Love for plants

Love of plants because there is no life without oxygen – beautiful web design

Vector illustration is suitable for web design, printing, and use in advertising messages or messages that raise awareness of care for nature and trees.

This is a beautiful illustration that clearly expresses love and care for the plant. The man takes good care of the small tree.

The illustration package includes a pre-designed design for the website. Quite small nature-related decorative elements are included. The package includes a design for a brochure, an illustration for posting on Instagram, and three designs for a bookmark. With all the included elements, you can prepare different designs and compositions according to your needs.

All illustrations are handmade according to the previously sketched idea. Because they are made with Adobe Illustrator, you can edit and change them as you wish. The design is in a fashionable flat style with simple lines and a simplified structure.

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Art is the best tool through which we can express our imagination and everything that seems impossible in the real world. There are no boundaries in art and everything is allowed. It is a world we go into when we run out of excitement in reality.