Confident girl goes back to school

Confident girl goes back to school

A confident and beautiful girl goes back to school.

The vector illustration shows a beautiful and confident girl walking with a bag in her hand because she goes back to school.

Her face is smiling as she looks forward to returning to school. The girl loves a fashionable and relaxed style. She likes to be tidy and modern. In the illustration, the added elements are related to the autumn season.

An additional illustration of a girl is also included, but in a different setting and in a different color. A sign has been added indicating that a school is nearby.

Three different bookmark designs are also included in the illustration package.

All illustrations are handmade based on a previously drawn idea on paper. They are made with Adobe Illustrator and can be edited and resized as desired. The design is fashionable in flat style, pleasant colors, and beautiful compositions. Illustrations are the perfect choice for the time when kids go back to school. Due to their flexibility, they can be incorporated into any design or element. They are extremely useful for posters and other commercial materials.

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Art is the best tool through which we can express our imagination and everything that seems impossible in the real world. There are no boundaries in art and everything is allowed. It is a world we go into when we run out of excitement in reality.