Delicious jam vector illustrations

Delicious jam vector illustrations

How to make a delicious jam vector art

Just who doesn’t love delicious jam? Full of fruit, sweetness, and full of flavor.

This is a set of jam vector illustrations that briefly describe the process of how a delicious jam is made.

We need a fruit tree first and take care of it with love and attention. When it bears delicious fruit, we cook its fruit in the best jam in the world. For this, we need a pot, sugar, a cooker, and a good measure of patience.

The set includes all the necessary jam vector illustrations to show the preparation of a delicious jam. The package includes a ready-made design for use on the website. Two distinct bookmark designs are included and an already prepared process with illustrations describing how to make a delicious jam.
The set includes the following vector illustrations: fruit tree, apple, pear, pot, cooker, sugar, and other illustrations that are in the context of autumn and the preparation of delicious jam.

All illustrations are made by hand based on a previously drawn idea. The design is modern in a flat style, with little abstraction. Some objects are in different color combinations. All illustrations are made with Adobe Illustrator and can be edited and modified as desired.

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