404 Page ERROR – Who broke it?

404 Page ERROR – Who broke it?

404 Page Error website design

This is a gorgeous design with an original idea designed primarily for a 404 page error code.

Because you need it is an original idea that makes a website visitor laugh and forces a good mood. Especially if it searches for information and encounters a 404 page error message. Which, of course, is very inconvenient for a visitor to the website. A funny message breaks a bad experience.

This illustration shows a gorgeous colored and painted ancient vase that is broken. The message “Who broke it?” is borrowed from the meme. Of course, you can change the message on the website as you wish. The illustration can also be used for other purposes so two great examples for bookmark design and advertising message design are also shown. The ancient vase is included in several color combinations depending on the design. All illustrations were previously hand-drawn as an idea on paper.

They are created with the vector program Adobe Illustrator, so you can change and edit them as you wish. The package includes enough different elements that you can place them in different compositions and make a new design out of them.

Adobe Illustrator CC
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Art is the best tool through which we can express our imagination and everything that seems impossible in the real world. There are no boundaries in art and everything is allowed. It is a world we go into when we run out of excitement in reality.