Attractive Cacti Collection

Attractive Cacti Collection

4 Spot illustrations showing a cacti collection

Beautiful vector spot illustrations show a real-life cacti collection.

The illustrations are simple, with limited colors, made in a fashionable flat style. All illustrations have a transparent background. They are suitable for inclusion in the text for magazines, creating designs for products, covers, textiles, web, home decor, and the like.
All illustrations are handmade according to the previously sketched idea. Because they are made with Adobe Illustrator, you can edit and change them as you wish. The design is in a fashionable flat style with simple lines and a simplified structure.

Spot illustrations are smaller, self-contained illustrations that float in a layout of publications and websites. The purpose of spot illustrations is to highlight key ideas in the story.
They can be conceptual, clear, and simple in concept or more purely ornamental.
In short…
They work in sets and they have to be stylistically similar and balanced, easy to describe, work at a small size, have a clear message, are related to the content, and have no or minimal background.

These four beautiful cactus illustrations are available for sale. You can learn more about it here:


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