Amazing vector ice cream illustrations

Amazing vector ice cream illustrations

Amazing and unique vector ice cream illustrations with a simple design and nice colors in the context of an ice cream shop.

Four vector ice cream spot illustrations showing people, items and treats used in ice cream shops.

The illustrations are cute, with limited colors, a lot of small details, and made in a fashionable flat style. They are specially designed for independent use and can be easily added to the text in magazines or on web pages. They can be used as a design on stationary, advertising materials, samples, and covers, in short, anywhere the topic is related to the ice cream shop. Since the illustrations go well together, you can also place them in a custom composition and make several other illustrations from them. All illustrations have a transparent background.
All elements were hand-drawn, digitized, and designed in the same style to fit together beautifully.

Spot illustrations are smaller, self-contained illustrations that float in a layout of publications and websites. The purpose of spot illustrations is to highlight key ideas in the story. They can be conceptual, clear, and simple in concept or more purely ornamental. In short…
They work in sets and they have to be stylistically similar and balanced, easy to describe, work at a small size, have a clear message, are related to the content, and have no or minimal background.

Since these are vector illustrations, you can easily change their color, size, layout, and shape. You can completely customize them to your needs.

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